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Refrigeration Electrostatic Spraying

  • Protech re-spray refrigeration units within the supermarket industry.
  • Protech is now nominated in two of the largest supermarket chains.
  • Like new appearance in just one night.
  • Massive time & cost savings against replacement.
  • Electrostatic technology means minimal overspray.
  • Available in all BS or RAL colours.
  • Flexible coating allows for movement.

Cladding Spraying

Protech re-spray external retail & commercial clad buildings on-site and in situ. This gives an instant change of colour for rebranding, maintenance or just a freshen up.

Benefits include:

  • Massive time & cost savings against replacement
  • Large areas completed in 1 shift
  • All of our coatings used are specifically designed for cladding, hard wearing, flexible & suitable for the marine environment
  • Available in RAL or BS colours
  • All works carried out days or nights
  • Nationwide service 7 days a week 24hrs a day.

Electrostatic Spraying

Unique and innovative technology applied to spray painting which is an exclusive service offered by Protech.

The coating is sprayed minimally but gives excellent and even coverage leaving no drips or residue, just a clear smooth surface finish. Electrostatic spray coating limits the amount of overspray making it an ideal solution for refreshing supermarket checkouts and refrigeration cabinets taking only twenty minutes to dry.


Shop Fronts / Curtain Walling

  • Protech spray shopfronts & curtain walling on-site and in situ
  • Fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Instant colour change
  • Up to 100 square metres of shopfront completed per shift!
  • Any BS or RAL Colours
  • Matt, Satin or Gloss levels available
  • Works carried out day or night!
  • Nationwide 7 Days a week 24hrs a day!

Industrial Retail / Commercial Units

  • Ceilings / Steels / Perlins / Bricks / Breeze Block Or Plaster walls Sprayed in situ!
  • More cost effective than brushing or rolling!
  • Large areas completed in 1 shift
  • Any BS or RAL Colours
  • Working Days or Nights
  • Nationwide 7 Days a week 24hrs a day!


Suspended Ceilings Mineral Fibre or Metal Pan

  • Protech re-spray suspended ceilings in situ
  • Fraction of the cost of replacement, no electricians, sprinkler engineers or ceiling fixers required !
  • Large areas completed in one shift


Supermarket Salesfloor ceiling.

Start process at 22.00pm mask, spray, demask clear from area and give back to the store by 3.30am.

500 square metres or 5380 square feet completed in just 5.5 hours!

  • Works are carried out Days or Nights
  • Tiles guaranteed not to stick to the grid system
  • Any BS or RAL Colours available
  • Last as long as new
  • Nationwide 7 Days a week 24hrs a day!

What else do we spray?


Protech Spray Plaster, Breeze Block and Walls etc. Labour and speed savings versus painting. All B&S / RAL colours are available. Protech also offers a MIST coating for Plaster, Freeze Block and Walls which accelerates the program as it only requires decorators to apply the final coat.

Petrol Station Canopy Soffits
  • Protech re-spray Petrol Station Canopy soffits
  • Like new appearance in just one night
  • Massive time & cost savings against replacement
  • Flexible coating allows panels to move
  • All coatings are chemically resistant & of marine environment quality.
  • Available in RAL or BS colours
Not to mention…

Lift Doors


Internal & External Staircases

Petrol Pumps


“We are passionate about our client’s success, that’s why they choose to work with us”

Dont Just Take Our Word For It, Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us.

“We used Protech as subcontractors on a very large and very prestigious job for an international retail client.

They spray coated the underside of the roof soffits during a refurbishment of one of the largest retail stores in Europe.

The work took 8 weeks, was completed on a very tight deadline and was scheduled to allow multiple contractors to work at the same time.

Not only did Protech finish the work on time but the fact that I received daily work in progress reports meant that I could manage the work of other contractors far more efficiently.”

James Allen

JJUK Limited

“I asked Protech to spray coat the cladding on an industrial unit owned by a client of mine as part of a cleaning and maintenance programme.

The work was carried out on the specified day and was finished on time and within the budget. When they left the sprayers were careful to clean up after themselves and the unit looked as good as new.”

Neil Hands

Alpha Power Cleaning

Protech undertook a 10-night contract to spray coat a suspended ceiling over a sales floor for our client Morrisons.

The job was completed on time and the store remained open throughout the entire operation. Disruption to its customers was kept to a minimum by working out of normal shopping hours and using low odour paint.

I will be using Protech again, in this industry you need to use suppliers that get the job done right, the first time.”

John Leech,

Bradford Landstock

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